Story of The Man Under The Yak Horns

Amidst towering snow covered peaks and a the ghostly shadow of the hundreds of deaths due to the 7.3magnintude earthquake of 2015, a few thousand Napelese live in tiny villages throughout the Langtang Valley and work day after day to rebuild their homes and once thriving hiking trails and tea houses. Needles to say it was no big deal for them to watch me throw up over 12 times over the course of a few midnight hours after getting food poisoining. Thoughts tend to enter your mind in these situations and I pay close attention to thoughts in moments such as these. The fire in his eyes (the gentleman in the cover photo) rushed through my mind and reminded me that I have much much more to experience in life. He along with other thoughts flashed intensely as I hurled in the high mountains of the Himalayas. I was looking for motivation to get past my stomachs fight to dispel it's poison in any way imaginable. Compared to challenges I may have to face in the future such as this man has I don't know what will come. His eyes have been through many trials as a climber experiencing gang green, frostbite, an amputated leg, the 7.3 magnitude earthquake of 2015 which killed well over 200 people just a few km's away from his village and lives off a few dollars a day. In spite of this, or because of this, I do not know, but he maintains his life a hostel owner, and the dude the locals want their kids to learn from. He was the most inspirational person I met on this trek, but not the only inspirational person, there are many.