Backcountry & a Splitboard DIY...


Sho's 1st Person Account:

ハイクアップしてのバックカントリーはしたことがなく、楽しみで楽しみでしかたなかった。 たまたま、連日遭難のニュースがあり、まわりの人たちからは「生きて帰ってきてね」と言われました。

前日には積雪があり、当日は風もなく快晴で最高のコンディション! スノーシューを履いてのハイクは初めての経験でした! スノーボードを装着したリュックは重かった。


しかし、登るにつれて景色も良くなり、疲れを忘れさせてくれた。 今回は頂上までは行けず、途中から降りることに。

下りのバックカントリーは最高だった! 膝くらいの高さのヴァージンパウダー! まるで波乗りをしてるかのようだった!

綺麗な景色を見ながら、そして、ヴァージンパウダーを楽しみながら、木と木の間を滑り降りる! 登りの辛さなんて、一瞬で吹き飛びました!

ジェレミー、アルマ、ベン、ありがとう! 貴重な経験ができました! 次は頂上を目指して、再挑戦しましょう!



"I had never gone snow mountain climbing and back-country. I had been really looking forward to it! But,there was a news about distress.I was told to "come back alive!"

The day was the best condition, a lot of snow, no wind, clear and sunny! It was the first experience that I put on a snowshoe. It was heavy to shoulder the backpack and snowboard.

It was initially easy to hike up. However, I fatigued as we hiked up more..... But the scenery was so beautiful. It has refreshed me completely! We weren't able to climb to the top in this time. 

Climbing down was really awesome!! Virgin powder. The snow reached the height of my knees! It's just like a surfing!

We slid down between the trees,taking in the beautiful scenery and Virgin powder snow. My tiredness flew out the window!

Thank you,Jeremy,Alma and Ben. I had a amazing experience! Let's try this again!!"

- Sho 

Watch the video we made below! Click on the `V` to enlarge the media player.


Editor's Note:

My friend "Bobteru" is the man who is doing the fine work on creating the splitboard. I did the logistics of going through to find the necessary gear while Bobteru helped make sure I wasn't getting ripped off! This was his second time now, both this season, to make a splitboard. I lucked out that he has a big appetite and I could pay him to help me by making a few huge Chicago style deep dish pizzas!


The mountains in this video are Mt. Yotei and Mt. Komogatake of Hokkaido, Japan. The footage of Komogatake contains a mid-February ascent as well as a late Winter early Spring ascent. The footage of Mt. Yotei was taken on an early March ascent to the 1,200m tree line. We did not climb to the peak of Yotei on this climb due to making sure our group of 3 stayed together and deciding to head to a secret jump! We'll be back though!!!  


Pizza photos courtesy of a guest!

Mt. Yotei a few hours after returning to the base! 

 The board before reconstruction! 

The board before reconstruction! 

The board mid-way through.

Bobteru drilling the holes to fit the binding plate. Even though the equipment was his, he let me do some drilling! No pics though ; / lol

The finished product!

The finished product put to the test...and...success! 

photo credit to Alma Thrift

Mt. Komogatake of Onuma, Hokkaido, Japan

The Chicago Deep Dish as payment! 

Looking onward to the next mission!