If only a short video could put into words the true experiences of our time abroad, with respects to all aspects ranging from both the beautiful and rough moments. This video reflects a piece of a larger whole of living abroad for 2 1/2 years now in Hokkaido, Japan. Please enjoy the video inspired by the outdoors and people of Hokkaido.

Music: "Wings" by Nicolai Heidias on the album Nicolai Heidias Acoustic.

Additional Camera people: Tomomi Kasai, Paula Kaufman, Ben Lee.

Voices: Fumio Naka, Jeremy Blanco, Santiago Blanco, Lili Ann Blanco

Film Locations (Hokkaido): Assabu, Esashi, Hakodate, Okushiri, Matsumae, Fukushima-cho, Kamino Kuni, Shikabe, Kikonai, Yakumo, Nanae, Hokuto, Niseko, Taisetuszan, Biei, Furano, Akan National Park.